Board of Directors + Staff

SAFE Board of Directors Officers

                                      Chair, Heather Snyder                                     


Vice Chair, Francene Katzen

                                    Treasurer, Mary W. Ward                                     

Secretary, Danielle Ware

SAFE Staff

Kathy Reed, MA, ICPS – Executive Director 

[email protected]

Navvy A. Messer – Grant Coordinator

[email protected]

Gabriella Gray – Outreach Coordinator

[email protected]

Lindsay Cunningham – Outreach Coordinator

[email protected]

Juan Santacoloma – Latino Coalition Coordinator

[email protected]

Additional SAFE Board of Directors:

Melissa Ackley

Major Frank Carpenter

Dr. Imad Damaj

Captain Lee Ford

Dr. George Gay

Carissa Henry

Jeneane Henry

Sarah McCurry

Dr. Mark Miller

Max Morehead, Past Chair

Youth Representative: TBA

Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors?

Contact: [email protected]