Prevention Needs Assessment

Before we act, we gather information and listen to our community.

SAFE’s first priority is understanding the issues around substance abuse in our community before identifying and implementing research-based best practices to address those issues. How do we know what needs to be addressed? SAFE’s initiatives are developed in response to issues identified through youth survey data, statistical data, and community input.

SAFE, in partnership with Chesterfield County Public Schools, will administer the 2021 Prevention Needs Assessment to randomly selected students in 8th, 10th and 12th grades in November, 2021.  Administered every two years since November 2005, this assessment tool measures youths’ substance use perceptions, behaviors, and emerging trends. Survey results are analyzed and publicized to help identify and plan effective substance use prevention strategies in our community. To view a pdf copy of the assessment, please click the following highlighted link: PDF Copy of 2021 Prevention Needs Assessment.

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