Community coalitions seek not so much to create change in individuals as they seek individuals to create change in their communities.

Preventing substance abuse is a community task. Everyone has a role to play, even if they are not directly involved with SAFE – as individuals making choices, parents talking with kids and communities developing environments and values that support substance abuse free living. But there are many ways SAFE can use your help.

Work on a Specific Issue

SAFE has a variety of committees and task forces that can use your help:

  • The SAFE Latino Coalition works to bring education to the Latino community throughout Chesterfield County and the surrounding areas and to develop strategies that will assist this community in understanding the United States laws regarding alcohol and youth.
  • The SAFE Youth Coalition is an opportunity for young people to be engaged in developing strategies that will effect their peers in a positive, life-changing manner. SAFE needs youth involvement in all the task forces. We need the voice of young people to make the change that our community needs.

Volunteer For One-Time Events or Short-Term Projects

Medication Take-Back Events
Assist in distributing packets of information to persons who bring medications to take-back events for safe disposal.

Tabling Events
Man the SAFE resource table and hand out literature at a variety of health/safety fairs and community events.