Working together to
prevent and reduce substance abuse
in Chesterfield County

What’s New


SAFE is working with VA ABC, Chesterfield County Police and Chesterfield County Youth Planning and Development to make sure store clerks are following the law when it comes to alcohol sales.




The Office of Attorney General has secured a donation of 80,000 drug deactivation kits. These kits are available NOW at the following locations, including:

Chesterfield Health Dept.
Reception Desk
9501 Lucy Corr Circle
Chesterfield, VA 23803

SAFE, Virginia Department of Health and Chesterfield County Police Department are working to obtain another 3,500 of these drug deactivation kits in order to distribute them in the community. Click here to read more about the press release and more about the kits themselves.

Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting Thursday November 3rd.   We had the privilege of hearing the Honorable Brian Moran, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security  speak as well as Laurie Petitt.

Awards were given to:

Media Champion – NBC12 Creative

21st Century Award – The Chesterfield Observer


Sharyl W. Adams Award – Dr. Glen Miller




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