Youth Led Volunteer Opportunities


The SAFE Coalition is a group of community members who are concerned about substance abuse in our community. SAFE is made up of professionals, parents, and youth-focused on substance abuse prevention in Chesterfield County.

SAFE is currently recruiting for the following YOUTH-LED initiatives:

(Please check any volunteer opportunity in which you would like to participate)

General Assembly Rally Day 2020 (attend General Assembly Rally Day in January 2020)

to talk with Senators and Delegates about substance abuse prevention laws)  

Tobacco and Nicotine Taskforce (provide youth perspective in monthly meetings)

Opioid and Heroin Prevention Taskforce (provide youth perspective in monthly meetings)

Alcohol Compliance Checks (teens visit area stores with adult professionals and police to check for store compliance to alcohol purchasing laws; teens are paid $25 each day of participation)

Driver’s License Presentations  (handout SAFE materials to each participant)

Project Sticker Shock (visit area stores with adult professionals and place stickers on alcohol products to remind people over 21 not to buy alcohol for minors)

Preparing Materials  (copying materials, stuffing envelopes, etc.)

Skills required

  • Serve as a positive role model
  • Believe in and live a substance-free lifestyle
  • Desire to make our community a better place in which to live

To apply, fill out Youth Led Volunteer Opportunities Application and email to Whitney  Whalen at Also, contact Whitney for questions or additional information.